Canvas Print Vs Metal Print – Which One Is Best for Photos?

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March 18, 2020

Canvas Print Vs Metal Print – Which One Is Best for Photos?

Choosing between the various options to display your photos might be more difficult than choosing the actual photo to display! Knowing the benefits of each can be of assistance when you are attempting to pick the right one. In this article, we will be going over the pros and cons of each.

Pros of Canvas:

1. Versatility

Canvas is a material that can produce results that will look good anywhere. It doesn’t matter what the photo is or what decor you are looking to supplement. You will find canvas prints are versatile enough to look good anywhere. Likewise, you will also find all types of photos look good on canvas as long as it is printed in high enough resolution.

2. No Glare

Unlike other photos, you will not experience any glare with canvas prints. Therefore, they can be placed anywhere in your home.

3. Affordable

Canvas is a much more affordable printed material than you might assume.

Cons of Canvas:

1. Durability

Canvas is much easier to ruin than other options you have to choose from. Therefore, if you have kids who run into your frames or who might damage them, canvas might not be your best option.

Pros of Metal Print:

1. Durability

Metal is one of the more durable materials you can choose from when you are getting prints. Therefore, it can be a great option if you have a lot of kids running around your home.

2. Long-Lasting

You won’t get the same fading that you might get with canvas when you opt for metal.

Cons of Metal Print:

1. Lack of Versatility

You will want to opt for metal only if you are going for a certain modern aesthetic.

2. Cost

There is no getting around this. Getting photos printed on metal is expensive.

Ultimately, when you’re talking about canvas print vs. metal print, it comes down to your budget and preference. Both have their own pros and cons. Choose the one that fits your preference the most.

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